Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shouting in my head

I work in an educational setting. As such, I take school provided shuttles to and from work everyday. The majority of the shuttle population are undergrads, as in, annoying to listen to. For which reason I practice tuning them out every day. But have you ever unintentionally eavesdropped on a conversation just because it was so disturbing. I encountered one such conversation yesterday afternoon. There were 3 girls chatting in front of me on the shuttle and it was immediately apparent which roles they each played. The first girl can be called Yeah-chick, she said yeah to almost all the points made by the second girl. We can call the second girl Jealous-psycho because everything she said in the end made her seem like a jealous instigator. And the last character was Meekone, because she remained sweet and soft spoken in spite of Jealous-psycho. This is approximately the general discussion that ensued on this bus ride.

Yeah-chick: Yeah so what are your plans for next year Meekone.

Meekone: Well, I'm transferring pre-med schools so I'll be moving to That City this summer and-

Jealous-Psycho: That City!? I'm from That City, my mom still owns a complex there. I love That City, I can't wait to get back.

Yeah-chick: Yeah

Meekone: This summer I plan to get my license, my parents are giving me a car and I will keep it with me in That City.

Jealous-Psycho: What are you crazy? There is no place to put a car in That City. I should know, my mom owns a complex and she charges an "arm and leg" to store her residents' cars.

Yeah-chick: Yeah

Meekone: Well, I know it will be difficult but I think the convenience of getting around greatly outweighs the costs for me.

Jealous-Psycho: It's going to be really hard to pay for! Are you trying to get around the city or are you going to use it just to visit home? Because its not worth it in the city, there's no place to park! And airfare once in a while is cheaper. Plus, where are you planning to live?

Yeah-chick: Yeah!

Meekone: Oh, well, I've been in contact with Apartments R' Us. They are working with me to find an apartment that has utilities included and a garage. Because, you know, I don't want to be overwhelmed with such things while studying.

Jealous-Psycho: You are gonna WHAT!? Yeah-chick, are you hearing this, Meekone is actually considering using A.R.U. to settle down in That City! That's insane. You can find a perfectly acceptable place on your own and save a few bucks. And listen, Meekone, I want to tell you this from the bottom of my heart, one day you are going to be a doctor. I mean it, one day you are going to be someones doctor. Don't you think it's time to learn to pay utility bills?

Seriously, Jealous-psycho actually kept repeating the last two sentences (LOUDLY) as if it was the most clever thing she had ever come up with. As she was a public policy major, it may as well have been. But seriously, what gave her the right to berate and criticize every well-meaning decision Meekone was making? Why did she have to assume money was an issue? Hell, Meekone's parents might be loaded and providing the goods, Jealous-psycho much?

Like I said, I hate listening to undergrads. But in this one instance, upon hearing "seriously, you are going to be someones doctor one day" too many times, I had to put my phone away and stank-eye-glare at this Jealous-psycho in disgust.

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