Friday, April 1, 2011


It has been brought to my attention by a well-meaning observer that I have lost touch with much of my usual routine. Yes, I can admit that I haven't used my kitchen in over two weeks; nor have I performed a proper grocery store visit since St. Patty's Day. Ok, and so I haven't been to yoga since 3/21 and I've eaten frozen meals and outside food more than I can count. Hey, it happens. We all go through cycles in our seasons where we are on a roll with many good habits and then slowly they start to fall away until you realize that you've had CPK frozen pizzas on 3 occasions this week and have purchased nearly a latte a day for the past 7-14 days, right?. This decline in healthy habits happens so subtly that you barely notice any change at all. Today, however, the jig is up, because a third party observer has recognized my downward spiral,crap, and I guess I can appreciate the wake up call. It has been getting a little scary. I need a fresh post to remedy this situation, asap.

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