Monday, April 4, 2011

Review of 2nd Quarter Resolutions (week one)

This weekend was to be my preparation weekend for the second quarter resolutions. It went decently in terms of food.

1. Attempt to purchase outside food once a week: Fail, I treated my family to Panera.

2. Limit lattes to weekends only. Ok, this weekend I had, one latte, one iced caramel machiatto, and one skim coffee frap. Meh. It was the weekend. And I'm happy to report that I have prepared my own coffee this morning, twice. I may have a problem...

3. Buy groceries each week with a plan for meal options. Well, technically I went to Target and bought instant oatmeal, 5 lean cuisines, and 5 packets of tuna.

4. Go home and cook said groceries into several meals. See 3.

5. Arrange said meals for convenient access throughout the week. See 3.

6. Eat aforementioned meals daily. Ok I will.

So not too shabby of a preparation weekend, aside from the familial splurge. As far as activity, I'll be at yoga tonight. And if the weather hold up I'll have some runs this weekend.

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