Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Catchup on Goals

Last week went pretty well. Yoga'ed 3 times, ran 2 miles at the gym Sat. morning and spent some long overdue time with friends and family. And yes, Saturday night into Sunday morning consisted of a mess of comfort food (pizza, cupcakes, chocolate, cheese) at Gma's house. And I enjoyed it, no regrets. Back on track this week with eating well, purchasing less, and yoga. 30 and 60 day challenges starting Sunday at the yoga studio. I signed my name on the sticker chart, but I have no idea what I intend to accomplish with that. I'll decide next Monday.

On a completely unrelated note, thank you Spring for finally joining us this last week. All I need to make this transition complete is to visit GTCC and get the April special Thin Mint cupcake with one of my favorite people. :-)

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