Monday, April 25, 2011


Okay, now I know I can't be the only one on the planet who abstained from cheesecake for my first two decades of life because cheese and cake sound weird and therefore together must taste weird. But I decided to give it a chance in my twenties because apparently not liking cheesecake is perceived as weird by the greater population. Whatever. So, I planned to give it a try one day, probably in the company of cheesecake loving coworkers, because it couldn't be that bad if so many people are crazy for it. And it wasn't, it was pretty damn delicious, so I scratched it off the list of foods that I mentally set myself up to dislike (sorry raw tomatoes and cantalope).

This week I encountered another fateful food item off of my subconciously banned food list. Cottage cheese. Now, there must be an even bigger population of folks that can agree that cottage cheese sounds weird and therefore is weird, right? Probably. So, when I found out that a relative was praising the stuff I was perplexed to say the least. I knew cottage cheese is somehow related to weightloss. My thought on that: I will never want to lose weight THAT BAD! So anyways, the power of a family testimonial overcame my aversion to foods that (in my mind) innapropriately incorporate "cheese". My (low) expectations were that it would be like lumpy yogurt. Long story short, its just a bland crumbled cheese (yes, the lumpiness is the consistency of actual cheese that actually requires chewing, unlike yogurt) similar to maybe soft mexican cheese (no not shredded cheddar blends used on tacos) blocks sold in packages of 3. But with even less flavor, not even a sour yogurty taste. So my findings are that cottage cheese is not repulsive nor is it delicious. It's just sort of a blank slate that requires modification to suit the tastes of the diner, muuuuuch like tofu (actually almost exactly like tofu, minus the veggies add dairy).

I bought a 4-pack of Breakstone's Lowfat with mango. They are some tiny containers (4 oz!) with a teensy bit of mango. I thought it would be like mango yogurt but it was more like mango cheese (yucky sounding I know). It wasn't too bad, but I think I will experiment with more salty combinations after I finish this 4-pack. Oh, and I know why it is recommended for weightloss. That itty bitty serving kept me full for nearly 3 hours yesterday afternoon. Which is a tremendous feat for the hours usually designated for snack-binges. For a perpetual snacker it was almost a miracle :)


Breakstone's Cottage Doubles Apple Cinnamon is disgustingly good. That is all.


  1. I can't believe I just read a whole post on cheese....All that time I just wasted...

  2. Thanks for wasting your time with me :)