Friday, April 1, 2011

2nd Quarter Resolutions

In response to my recent cry for help (see Descension) I have decided that April 1st would make a fitting day to propose some 2nd quarter resolutions to myself. I really didn't have any concrete resolutions for the first quarter (Jan 1-Mar 31) of the year. Perhaps it was, to do my best. Which, I believe I generally accomplished minus roughly the past two weeks. Okay, so now its time to refocus on the things that make me feel like a well-functioning pseudo-adult.

1. Attempt to purchase outside food once a week, unless someone else is paying :)
2. Limit lattes to weekends only. The workplace coffee shop is geared towards doctors and it ain't cheap.
3. Buy groceries each week with a plan for meal options.
4. Go home and cook said groceries into several meals.
5. Arrange said meals for convenient access throughout the week.
6. Eat aforementioned meals daily. You'd be surprised how hard this can be on some lazy slash overwhelming days.

1. Go to yoga every day. AKA...drink lots of water, eat healthy, maintain clean workout clothes, and drive to yoga studio everyday. It amazes me how when one of these fails this whole goal fails.
2. Dust off the running shoes with warmer weather.

Is that really all? It doesn't look so bad in one post. I will use this weekend to prepare/organize and strive for full participation by Monday (because Mondays are the best to start stuff).

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