Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Shaky Start

Not doing so well with my 2nd quarter resolutions. I kept intending to go to yoga, I really did, but my friend really wanted Chipotle and I haven't gone anywhere with her in over a month. So, Chipotle won this time. But not really because they only charged me for one of the two meals I intended on purchasing. I stood there signaling and waiting for her to ring up the other meal in my bag but the woman looked so preoccupied with other things and appeared to be intentionally avoiding eye contact with me, so I forwent paying for the second meal. So I kinda won, no? I would feel bad, but I cannot count the number of times they charged me for unordered extra meat or guac on a veggie bowl! So, the score is even.

Tonight, take two of trying to get to yoga.

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