Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Crazy Talk

This morning on the Kane Show they were discussing talking to oneself. As in, telling yourself things, not thinking in your head, actually speaking aloud. Apparently many people find it therapeutic or helpful in decision making. I can't say that I identify with any of these aspects except for maybe one, mentioned by a listener calling in, rehearsal. Yes, like practicing what I'm going to say. Particularly, when faced with a difficult discussion. I thought it was funny that the caller referenced rehearsing a break-up speech, complete with imaginary inquiries from the hypothetical victim and pre-planned retorts to such responses. Genius, unless the victim is far more expressive than originally anticipated during rehearsal. Anyways, I've found myself having these imaginary discussions particularly when driving to an interview. Usually I imagine the trickier questions like "How would you get your livestock across the river?" and "What can you contribute to our company?" You know the stuff that makes your pulse quicken and face flush if you've never considered the answers before. I make it my mission during that car ride to think of the most off-the-wall-intimidating questions possible. Of course, usually the interview questions are generic and uninspiring so I find myself at ease that they haven't asked what inanimate object I would eat to get this job. Phew! Other than interview prep I prefer to have my many-many conversations with myself in my head. Otherwise it would look like crazy talk cause let me tell you my inner dialogue is almost always shouting about something.

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