Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I watched almost a full episode of Skins on MTV last night and I am truly appalled. I had seen many controversial-looking commercials for this show and I never once found the hype compelling enough to tune in. Let's be honest I rarely tune in to even the shows I love when they air. I watch practically everything the day after on hulu. So, I never and still will never find Skins as Hulu worthy. But last night, sans Internet, I was left to entertain myself with cable and landed on MTV's Skins. While I'm sure their assessment on the frequency of sex and partying found in high school is probably near accurate for a small population of high school students somewhere, I was left to identify with the young teacher (because I'm 23 and all the high school actors look 12, unlike Glee). I'm not sure what her deal is but she appears messed up. She's supposedly 23 with no adult social life and interacts with her students as if she were their classmate. She has a pseudo intimate relationship with her student. Whoa way creepy and sad. That's all I got from the show and I will never again watch another episode because it was disturbing not entertaining, unlike Degrassi and Glee (judge me if you must).

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