Friday, March 18, 2011

It's time to live life late!

Last night was like most weeknights. I yoga'ed, ate, showered, read, and Hulu'ed until sleep. Also unfortunately, last night I came to a mental crossroads, as I lay in my bed waiting for sleep, I realized that I had a lot of stuff to prepare before leaving for work tomorrow (lunch, laundry bag, dishes, generally organizing of weekend attire). I could go to sleep (because I was sooo ready to) or I could find an ounce of energy to leap up and attempt some of these chores now, to lessen the load for tomorrow morning. Ordinarily at this point I'd say screw it all and fall asleep; but last night was the exception. I popped up, put the 11:30p episode of HIMYM on and started all the tasks that would have no doubt made me late for work the next day. And I was on a roll, finishing everything, down to chopping the fruit for my morning salad :) My room was clean and everything was practically packed for the weekend and I lay in bed proud of my decision and waiting for the sleep to wash over me again. And it didn't. I tossed and turned looking for a semblance of the sleep I had felt earlier that night and, absolutely nada! WTH, its like the very acts of preparation and CHORES (!!) energized me. Well, never again, preparation is insulting, which is why I resolve to live late. I shared this revelation earlier with my friend who was like "What do you mean by live late? Like, wake late, stay up late?" No dear friend, I mean like living perpetually unprepared and therefore always running late. Because the one day I decide to be responsible is the day I can't sleep, unacceptable. I've learned my lesson.

I bet you are wondering how this night ends? No? Too bad. So I eventually lightly drift in and out of (incomplete) sleep all night until, my alarm goes off at 5AM. What the fudgecakes?! Oh yea, I forgot to inform you. Since daylight savings time hit on Sunday morning, my iPhone has been waking me at criminal hours of the morning. I don't understand the specifics of the issue and I've been on Apple forums all week trying to fix it in vain. But it appears as though my iPhone states the correct time, but the "internal clock" (in cahoots with the alarm clock) fell back an hour instead of springing forward. So instead of my iPhone alarm sounding at 7am or even 6am, it decides 5am would be more entertaining. So instead of losing an hour of sleep, I've lost 15 (3 hours/night x 5 days). So suffices to say my sleep all week has been interupted and crappy, help!

This will be me from now on...

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