Thursday, March 10, 2011

I should have known better...

This always happens to me. When I forget the consequences of a particular action and do something despite my nagging suspicion that it will end badly. Today's such misstep is eating sugar. These are the events that led to my demise. I decided to triple snooze this morning and in my late and hurried frenzy to get to work I forgot to pack my original quaker instant oatmeal packets for breakfast. Before I realized my error I was greeted this morning with a chocolate covered yellow cake meant for my boss' birthday. I knew sugar for breakfast was a bad idea, sugar for anything is usually a bad idea, especially for me. I know this because in a blitzkrieg of birthdays at my last job an overdose of sugary frosting left me jittery, twitchy, hyper, paranoid, anxious, and overall unpleasant. I ate the cake, knowing the risks and surprisingly felt no different than if I had eaten my originally planned and forgotten oatmeal. Maybe my tolerance for sugar has changed such that I can eating whatever I like? The day continued smoothly through lunch. And then, our office had a scheduled fun bonding activity. And it was. It was a three part charade contest including taboo, one word only taboo, and then a charades style finale. All great entertaining fun, with a fruit platter, soda, water, and COOKIES. I wasn't hungry so I resolved to touch nothing but the water and I drank 2 whole bottles throughout the process. A while later sitting at my desk I began to think about the cookies. I didn't even allow myself a second glance at the cookies so I wondered what flavors were there. I then decided to go find the leftover cookie platter, just, you know to scope it out. I then decided to have only one cookie, only chocolate chip, if it existed. I found the platter nearly untouched and observed a lot of oatmeal raisin, ewww. And then I saw some containing toffee and, is that?, CHOCOLATE CHIPS! I don't even know if I've ever seen such a great combination of cookie before, so I took 2. And ate them in 5, no, 2 minutes. Damnit. I had a plan! It is at this moment that I write this that I am recalling my fears from earlier this morning, as they come to fruition. DAMNIT. I have officially O.D.ed on sugar today and now want to run in circles and curse the day toffee chocolate chip existed. I hope tonight's Bikram class winds me down and combats this evil I have knowingly invited into my bloodstream.

Here's some math, 2 water bottle + 2 cookies = X

I wish the answer were zero, in which they would cancel each other out and I could relax at this very moment. But the answer is more likely: S.O.L. Bitch! I know sugar makes no sense, not like math.

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