Monday, March 28, 2011

Why is it so cold out?

I'm so tired of hearing weather reports for this week in the 40s with possible sleet. Are we not entering April this week? I hope this isn't one of those years where we go from coats to sweat-stains in one fell swoop. Those years ruin spring fever and are not fair. We don't get to enjoy the transition of wearing light longsleeved shirts, capris, or trench coats. I prefer when Spring is a season actually defined by its mild weather (59-69.5 degrees, low humidity, and very occasional showers). I fear we may again be robbed of this occasion again this year. Boooo Fatherwinter and Summerlady for being such attention seekers. Not to mention boo to them for probably ruining the odds of seeing any Cherry Blossoms in the nations capital this weekend. They bloomed last Tuesday and our craptastic weather this week will likely make it so that I miss their awesomeness, again. When I went last year all that was to be seen in that vicinity consisted of Manga crazed-slash-costumed crowd making ornaments, purchasing swords, and eating pocky. And while this mass display of people made for a creatively disturbing drag show, this was not what I traveled into the city for. Ughhh! I want to see the blossoms!!

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