Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Last night I dreamed....

Last night I had some very disturbing scenes in my dream. I was home, well not my current apartment, or even my parent's home. It was my childhood townhouse. I will try to relay the events of my dream as accurately as possible.

First, I was laying in bed and my iPhone alerted me to something. It was adding a weather emergency app on its own. I didn't prompt it to download that app, but I reasoned that maybe something so pivotal was occurring the the government sanctioned some automatic download of an emergency app to all smartphones. All very unlikely in reality, but maybe this was a future cast dream.

Anyways, when the app downloaded, I checked it to see a message like: Weather emergency warning for the following areas...St. Mary's county, Prince Georges county, MONTGOMERY COUNTY (like that, all CAPS in my dream).... The emergency called for violent storms with tornado potential. In my house was my Mom, Dad, Sister, and some other female relative with her son (probably from my dad's side, maybe even straight from El Salvador because I don't think they spoke English). But I have no idea who they were. At first I was all panicky and wanted my family to sleep in the basement. But my family suggested that the tornado was unlikely. So I looked outside and saw some curvy thin funnels moving unpredictably and snow (it was also a blizzard) in the distance. We then went to a room in the middle of the house, because my dad suggested it was safest to lie in a bathtub. I'm not even sure why there was a bathtub in the middle of this half-constructed room/how could we all even begin to fit into a tub together. Then I took another peak at my new Emergency App and realized that MONTGOMERY was in all caps, as if to suggest we were in greater danger. I took another look outside and the funnels were getting closer to my house and the snow was thicker. So I somehow convinced everyone that we should be in the basement away from windows. Everyone followed and my last memories were of rapid whirling debris and snow from the little high set basement windows. At some point I thought my house had been picked up from the ground and I was figuring out the best way to brace for impact when...a loud noise woke me up (forreal). I looked out my door and saw the lock chain swinging. My cousin had just left for her 8:30 am exam. Phew, just a dream. A scary death defying dream, I hate those.

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