Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Iphone clock sucks!

So all my efforts to fix my iphone clock last week failed. Miraculously my alarms worked fine over the weekend. But then as soon as timeliness became important (ie because of work) my alarms reverted to their one hour too early syndrome. I actually set a real old school alarm clock last night. And of course I slept a full extra hour through the monotonous drone of my morning radio alarm... With plan A (manual fixes) and B (traditional radio-alarm clock) failing, I have now resorted to outside help. No, I refuse to call AT&T support, they always say the same thing, to "update your operating system with itunes." Do they have any idea how long that process takes. Okay, you can leave your phone plugged in for an hour or more, but what if you receive a call or need to check something. I can't be restricted from access to my phone for more than 30 minutes! So, in comes plan C, a third party alarm clock app. I choose Alarm Clock Pro because it cost .99 cents. There were free ones, but somehow I rationalized that one dollar somehow must secure the success of this plan. Wish me luck!

Plan B (shown above) failed.

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