Monday, February 28, 2011

I Can See the Finish!

So, I followed my better judgement and decided to skip Bikram Friday night. I replaced Bikram that night with a pasttime (I consider as necessary) that I seldom have time to partake in, gay clubbing with my friends. We had a great time and I heard too many renditions of Gaga's new song, Born this Way, including an entertaining drag show performing it. And no, I'm not gay, but I enjoy dancing freely and not feeling like a piece of raw meat in a pond of sharks (that is a reference to my Thursday night at a straight club). Yes, I went out two nights in a row, no, I didn't plan it, and yes, it probably won't happen again for a loooooong time. I never even did that in college.

Oh yes, the finish! So, after I recuperated from my outings I managed to attend Bikram Sat and Sun. Which means I am well on my way to finishing this challenge successful. I can't wait! On the flip side this means that my month-long intro membership is expiring Wednesday and I will have to start shoveling out big bucks to support this yoga habit. I keep trying to reason through this decision, but I'm pretty sure I'm signing up for atleast the month of March. I will reevaluate this fiscal decision on a monthy basis.

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